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Naeleen's  - The World First Natural Herbal Feminine Wash
Exploiting The Wonder Of Nano Science
Naeleen's- Sole Distributors


" The Only Way To Make Money Is To Control
Your Market & Product..."

" Become Naeleen's Sole Distributor & Start Earning Recurring Income Right Away With A Product Used By All Women "

" Wholesale To Salons, Beauty & Cosmetic Shops, Pharmacies Or Appoint As Many Dealers As You Want To Sell For You "

 Sole Distributor Needed in Every State Of America

Dear Future Sole Distributor,

This is Seng, Sales Manager of Naeleen's Inc.,

Thank you for your interest to learn more about Naeleen’s sole distributorship .

Why Naeleen's ™?...

Naeleen’s give you everything you’ll ever need to start and run your very own successful Home Business, and still have all the time you need to spend with your family. Better time, too…. Because there’ll be some extra cash for treats and vacations. With enough left over for all the school “ extras “

Naeleen’s generous Price Structure is designed with one thing in mind, that is to let Naeleen’s Distributors earn the most profits…..

  • Discount rate more than 75%
  • Easily attainable sales quantities
  • Naeleen’s is flexible, You can choose your own discount rates depending on your monthly sales volume.
  • Recurring sales. Once your customers use Naeleen’s, they will come back for more. Recurring sales is the single most important factor to enable you to earn a monthly stable recurring  income. Understanding the lifetime value of a customers ( how much money you’ll make from your customer who is going  buy Naeleen’s in 1, 3, 5 or 10 years ) will help you understand the huge potential of earning from Naeleen’s.
  • We’ll constantly add in more products to increase your income streams
  • Last but not least, the market potential for Naeleen’s is huge, practically all women are your prospective customers. Naeleen’s is needed by all women.

Click Here To Visit Naeleen's Website To See What
Naeleen's Can Do For Women & It's Market Potential

Our USA domestic market is mainly on Internet retail sales and offline distributorships.  We are currently appointing independent sales agents through out the America in order to provide a better service to our customers.                        

As you can see from our website, we provide a 90-day guarantee on Naeleen’s and we based our guarantee on the superior result it provides.  And we believe the success of Naeleen’s is mainly due to this attribute, and also our prompt delivery system and immediate attendance to their questions.  

As you can see, we understand fully that, in order for us to succeed, we need to make 100% sure that our Distributors succeed before us. We simply have to let our Distributors make the most money with easily attainable sales target by selling a great product that have huge market potential with recurring sales.

The speed and distance you travel on this track, of course, will depend entirely on you, your motivation, your personal and work-related commitments, your business plan and budget, your ambition and dreams.

This is after all, a real business that you are building—not a too-good-to-be-true-get-rich-quick-no-effort-required time-waster. The beauty of it all is that you can start small, gain confidence with experience, and then grow your Naeleen’s business as large as you like.

Market Tester Pack Price Lists

Minimum Monthly Order

Distributor Price/Bottle ( USD )

50 Bottles Market Tester Pack

100 Bottles Market Tester Pack



 *** Further Discount rate is only available to our "APPOINTED" Sole Distributors
who meet the minimum monthly quantity. ***

 Note : 1.  Market Tester Pack is designed for you to test the market in your state. We allow a 3 month
                   period that will
enable you to decide whether you want to apply for Naeleen'sSole Distributorship
                   in the state of your choice. ( Both Market Tester Pack has a test period of 3 months, from date of your
                   purchase ). If you can't make up your mind by then, we will consider other application from your

                  During your 3-month trial period, Naeleen’s reserves the right to send our Market Tester
                  Pack to anyone in the state of your choice  expressing an interest in so doing.  Please be reminded that
                  Naeleen’s will employ a first come first serve basis, and our sole intention is to secure an early
                  market shares

            2.   We however, will not honor the 90-day guarantee as we are so doing in selling through our website direct
                  to consumers.

            3.    After you agree to acquire the sole distributorship in your state, you will have to maintain a
                   monthly minimum order of 300 bottles.

            4.    A distributorship agreement will be signed between Naeleen's Inc., of US and you once you decide
                   to acquire the Sole Distributorship.

            5.    Prices quoted above exclude shipping & handling

            6.    Our selling price in US is $27.00 ( exclude S & H ), whereas our privileged customer club members
                   with autoship program enjoy a special price of $24.15 ( S & H included, we have a member cap of 1,000 and
                   it's fast filling up).
You're encouraged to set your own wholesale/retail pricing structure as long as
              you're comfortable with your margin

If you're interested, please contact our Sales Manager, Mr. Seng at 510-364-6767 or email him at sengwong10@hotmail.com or  seng@naeleens.com for the availability of distributorship in the state of your choice.


Seng Wong

Naeleen's Inc.,

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