"Ingredients Not Found In Any Other Feminine Products"

Naeleen’s™ is made of three remarkable traditional medicinal herbs which have long been widely used by native Asian to revitalize their bodies and restore reproductive health especially after birth.
First, let me introduce the efficacies of the active ingredients in Naeleen’s™
The Three main ingredients of Naeleen's™ are ;

Quercus Infectoria

Active ingredient of Quercus Infectoria are tannins, it is natural antiseptic with natural tannic acids. It is known as manjakani in Malaysia, and are used in combination with other herbs as drinking remedy by Asian women after childbirth to restore the elasticity of the uterine wall and to stimulate the contraction of abdominal, uterine and vaginal muscles.

Labisia Pumila

Labisia Pumila, or popularly known as kacip fatimah in Malaysia and Indonesia, has been used by many generations of Malay women to induce and facilitate childbirth or as herbal tonic for strength and vitality during post partum. A sensational plant that cater to any women's need.
The biological activities of the phytoestrogen, which is naturally found in the plant, assist women to achieve fuller and firmer breast and to tighten vaginal muscle. It helps to reduce or eliminate painful and difficult menstruation and effective against dysentery, rheumatism and women’s ailments associated with childbirth. It is also proven to be aphrodisiac and is tout as " Viagra for Females ''
Labisia Pumila extracts at nano-size penetrate vaginal cell membranes and stimulate the proliferation of vaginal tissues, leading to the tightening effects from the increase of vaginal cell mass .

Piper Betle Leaf

Piper Betle Leaf are used in folk medicine for the treatment of various disorder and is commonly chewed among Asians. Active ingredient of Piper Betle Leaf is Piperine, for the synthesis of anti-oxidant enzymes.
Present study revealed that the presence of the extract of Piperine inhibit the radiation induced lipid peroxidation process effectively. It has the ability to scavenge free radicals involved in the initiation and propagation steps. It protects vaginal tissues from damages and neutralizes free radicals due to overgrowth of vagina flora

What Exactly Is Nano-Technology?

"A Fusion Of Ancient Wisdom & Modern Techology"

When we combine all the three herbal medicines, together with the help of Revolutionary technology, through of course, a closely guarded proprietary process, we have a formulation so potent and effective that it benefits all women with feminine problems Naeleen's™ is produced by employing a Proprietary Process based on Revolutionary Extraction technology to extract the essence of traditional herbal medicines. It is the Nano-Particles that make Naeleen's™ so effective.
Nanotechnology is defined as the science and technology of building electronic circuits and devices from single atom or molecule, or the branch of engineering that deal with things smaller than 100 nanometers.A nanometer is about 10,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair. Nanotechnology deals with and manipulates anything that occur within the scale of a nanometer. The size of Nealeen’s is produced to about 300 times smaller than our human body cell. This enable its active ingredients to penetrate and permeate into our cell membrane instantly and effectively. Because of the instant effectiveness of nanotechnology after application, you may expect the following symptoms…..

  • First month discharge after use to be especially filthy.
  • Increase in discharge which are greenish or yellowish in color
  • Discharge of some internal secretion for those who doesn't experience before
  • Delay or advance your menstrual period
  • Feeling of itchiness

  •   Naeleen's Vaginal Cleanse

    Say Goodbye to...

  • Vaginal Itching
  • Foul Vaginal Discharge & Abnormal Vaginal Discharge
  • Vaginal Yeast Infection
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Bacterial Vaginosis Infection
  • Vaginal Irritation
  • Pelvic Inflammation Diseases
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